STEM Projects 2-6

STEM Projects 2-6 provides students with hands on activities.   Each set of projects focuses on a different area of Electronics Technology.  Like STEM Projects One, students will build circuits from easy to follow written instructions, and full color high resolution photos.

STEM Projects Two – Components

In miniature sample pages of STEM Projects Two –Components are shown below:

STEM2 first 10

STEM Projects Two Activities:

Ground Fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)
The photocell
How capacitors work
Types of capacitors
Variable capacitors
Night light
Electrical Shock
Transistors as timer
Fuses and circuit breakers
Transistors as oscillators
Conductors, Insulators
Transistor blinker
Voltage current resistance
Integrated circuits

STEM Topics 3 – Audio

In miniature sample pages of STEM Projects Three – Audio are shown below:

STEM3 first 10

STEM Projects Three Activities:

Audio Oscillator
Electrostatic discharge
Variable Oscillator
Voltage in series
Voltage in parallel
Timing oscillator, the Metronome
Measuring current
Mark alarm
Measuring resistance
The Theremin
Measuring continuity
Visual Oscillator
Units of measure – Kilo, Mega, Giga, milli, micro
Light alarm
Ohms Law
Parallel Resistance
Series Resistance
Piano Circuits

STEM Projects Four – Solid State

In miniature sample pages of STEM Projects Four – Solid State are shown below:

STEM4 First 10

STEM Projects Four Activities:

The diode
How an SCR works
Power generation
IC Oscillator
Variable Speed Flashers
Silent Burglar Alarm
Dual Flasher
Variable Flasher
Soil monitor
Making Transistors + IC’s
Latching nightlight
Flashing burglar alarm

STEM Projects Five – Intro to Digital

In miniature sample pages of STEM Projects Five – Intro to Digital are shown below:

STEM5 first 10

STEM Projects Five Activities:

Analog VS Digital
The AND Gate
OR gate
NOR Gate
Astable 555
Monostable 555
Integrated circuits
IC Families
4011 Oscillator
IC packages
IC Sockets
Memory Circuit
Printed circuit boards
Pulse generator
Coin toss
Debounced circuit
Touch switch
Time Reaction Game
Binary Counter

STEM Circuits Six – Digital Circuits

In miniature sample pages of STEM Projects Six – Digital Circuits are shown below:

STEM6 first 10

STEM Projects Six Activities:

Digital Display
Seven Segment Decoder
Binary Counter
Digital Counter
High Number Game
Scrolling LEDs
Quad LED Game
GSR Meter
Reaction Game
The Snake