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STEM Topics    

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FREE quizzes for areas of STEM, and Career and Technology Education.  

After each quiz students earn a badge.

Have a competition with your students.  See who can earn the most badges – it’s all FREE.   Have students work individually, or form class teams.   An excellent board opening or end of unit activity.

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There are over 40 topics that can earn students badges including the following….








Students can learn with STEM Lessons on the following topics:

Lasers,  Bridges,  Reading a Ruler,  Aerospace, Electronics,   Robotics,  Fiber Optics,  Micrometers,  CAD + Drafting,  Mouse Trap Physics









STEM Projects One is designed to provide a highly motivational learning experience.  In STEM Projects One students will build over 25 projects.  These learning experiences focus on student success.  Students will build circuits from easy to follow written instructions, and full color high resolution photos.

All designed to provide students with a positive experience.   After students follow the step by step instructions, and connect the battery, they should experience  M.O.J.  – that is a Moment Of Joy.


Through the project students will be presented with design challenges, that will ask them to modify the circuit to solve a new design challenge.  Through this problem solving students will experience, that “AHA” moment.  The moment, when all of a sudden they understand how to solve the problem.

In addition to a positive experience students will also learn about electronics and be able to relate the projects they build too real life experiences.

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