STEM Projects One

STEM Projects One is designed to provide a highly motivational learning experience.  In STEM Projects One students will build over 25 projects.  These learning experiences focus on student success.  Students will build circuits from easy to follow written instructions, and full color high resolution photos.

All designed to provide students with a positive experience.   After students follow the step by step instructions, and connect the battery, they should experience  M.O.J – that is a Moment Of Joy.

Through the project students will be presented with design challenges, that will ask them to modify the circuit to solve a new design challenge.  Through this problem solving students will experience, that “AHA” moment.  The moment, when all of a sudden they understand how to solve the problem.  These types of problem solving challenges are the heart of engineering.

In addition to a positive experience students will also learn about electronics and be able to relate the projects they build to real life experiences.

STEM Projects One fully integrates STEM – (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Science – States of Matter, Period Table of elements
Technology – Sensors, Transistors, Integrated Circuits
Engineering – Problem solving challenges
Math – The Binary numbering system, digital gates

As the student continues they will be presented with seven quizzes.  When the student completes each quiz with 80% or higher score they will receive a badge on their account.  The score is also emailed to the student.

Students earn a badge for each quiz

1.Intro to Electronics    2.Switches   3.Circuits    4.Resistors   5.Digital Gates    6.Transistors & I.C.s    7. Binary    8.Final Exam

Students Learn about – the resistor color code, resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, transistors, voltage, current resistance, types of switches, how sensors work, binary numbers, build a binary counter, a time reaction game and more…

In miniature a sample of ten pages of STEM Projects One are shown below:

STEM Project One First 10 Pages


Projects titles include:

Let it flow
The magic LED
Push button switches
The light switch
The dual toggle switch
The hall light
The light dimmer
Red or green
Series circuits
Parallel circuits
Complex circuits
Safe lock
The AND gate
The OR gate
The light sensor
The night light
Transistor timer
The integrated circuit
Time reaction game
Variable speed flashers
Landscape light
Holiday lights
Construction lights
The coin toss
On/Off touch switch
The divider circuit
The binary counter